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Farmers Union
Farm Bureau Federation
Friend of Agriculture
Right to Life
Nebraska Professional Firefighters Assn.
"The Best for the West"
l truly listens to constituents and learns from the best information available to make sound, rational decisions that benefit the people of our District and our State!

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As your State Senator, Al Davis ...

Introduced and supported a 180% (or: a $91 million) increase in the property tax credit fund

Passed a resolution putting Nebraska on record in support of a federal mandate for two-man train crews

Addressed rural health care issues, with a special focus on elderly Nebraskans and Alzheimer's Disease

Advocates for economic development opportunities in our district

Stands up against efforts to close rural schools

Believes rural Nebraska can compete with any other location if given the proper resources.

Encourages and supports career readiness and accountability for school districts

Brought new fire suppression equipment to the district to prevent devastating wildfires

Fought against corporate takeover of Nebraska's farms and ranches

Fought against efforts to protect prairie dogs and mountain lions by urban senators

Strongly opposes special tax breaks for large urban corporations

Advocates for completion of the Nebraska expressway system by 2033

Promotes Distict 43 as Nebraska's premiere tourist destination

Fights for lower property taxes through increased state funding of local schools

You can count on Al Davis
to continue to STAND STRONG

for North Central and Western Nebraska!


Geographically, District 43 is larger than 72 of the world's independent nations. It is 20% of Nebraska's total land mass, spanning two time zones and two area codes.

We have 13 counties and 16 school districts.

The District's elevation ranges from 4600 ft (Dawes County) to 1740 ft (KeyaPaha County).

District 43 has most of the public land in Nebraska, attracting tourism to the region:

  • McKelvie National Forest
  • Nebraska National Forest at Halsey
  • Fort Robinson State Park
  • Chadron State Park
The BNSF Rairoad has over 150 miles of track that traverses District 43, contributing significantly to our local economy.
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